Premises Accidents

Negligent Security, Slip/Trip & Fall Injuries, and Construction Site Accidents

Were you a victim of a robbery while leaving a grocery store, restaurant, or mall? Have you been attacked in an apartment complex, concert venue, or parking lot? Were you a casualty of a shooting or have you lost a loved one due to the violent act of another? The moments and days after an attack are often an overwhelming time for a victim and their family. Let me help you.

These accidents have tragic and immediate consequences. I have represented clients who have experienced similar injuries and obtained successful resolutions, either by settlements or trial. Before I started representing victims, as a former defense attorney, I gained invaluable knowledge representing insurance companies and defending large companies in complex high stakes lawsuits involving boom lifts, cranes, electrocutions, explosions, and roofing/burn accidents.

While construction sites are often checked by safety inspectors for potentially hazardous materials, surfaces, and equipment, inspectors may overlook issues and allow construction to proceed on a site that is hazardous to a worker and bystanders. Some construction companies are willing to neglect safety measures to maximize profits. This puts workers and innocent bystanders in danger. These accidents may involve serious injuries or even death.

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